The usage of USB drive is increasing rapidly due to its portability and sizable storage. When used by employees during business trip or to be delivered to partner companies, copy protection function is a must. Depending solely on a trusted relationship it would not be a wise decision not to protect the company’s confidential data. SECUDRIVE USB presents a complete solution for protecting the confidential data that is being transferred through the USB drive.


Confidential data or financial information transferring is one of the biggest concerns a corporation can have when distributing their data to partners or other branches using USB flash drives. SECUDRIVE USB protects your important data from unauthorized copy, providing its users with the ultimate solution against data leakage.

Business Trip: SECUDRIVE USB can provide you with a more secure and a safer business trip environment for individual workers carrying confidential documents of the company. Even when the USB drive is lost, access to the data is impossible without the valid password. After 10 consecutive, incorrect password attempts, SECUDRIVE USB Office will be automatically locked, preventing the possibility of the company’s confidential data being leaked.

Secure Partnership: Transferring confidential data to partner companies with a typical USB drive may result in data leakage. With SECUDRIVE USB office adopted, companies would fully trust each other to share more information without the suspicion of data theft and leakage. Confidential data access can be made available only to selected partners.

Customer Presentation: SECUDRIVE USB can prevent data leakage when presenting the company’s ideas to its customers.

Key Features:

The protected files stored in the SECUDRIVE USB flash drives will not be allowed to be ‘Copy & Paste’ to another disk, nor ‘Save As’ as an another file in the Local PC.

After opening a file, a user could Copy & Paste (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V) or Copy All (Ctrl + A), the contents of the file to the clipboard. SECUDRIVE USB protects the file against the clipboard copy operation.

The protected file can be configured to allow printing with Watermark or block the file from printing.

SECUDRIVE USB protects the file from ‘Screen Capture’ functions. When the user tries to ‘Screen Capture’ by using the Print Screen key or tools, the user will only have a green screen copied.

Files stored in the secure zone of the USB flash drive will be protected against file transferring. The user will not be able to attach the file to e-mails and messenger applications.

The number of access a user has to the USB flash drive can be set by the administrator. The deadline usage of the USB flash drive can also be set by the administrator. If it exceeds the limit, the user cannot login to the USB drive anymore.

It is possible to collect event log of file use on the USB flash drive, such as read, write, delete, rename, transfer, copy prevention, etc.

The accesses of malicious codes or P2P programs are blocked by SECUDRIVE USBs.

The AES 256 bit encryption chip automatically encrypts all the files stored into the secure zone of the USB flash drive. You will not need to worry about data leakage when you lose or someone steals your SECUDRIVE USB.

The USB will lock itself automatically when a set of unsuccessful password entries are made. A user without the correct password will not be able to enter the USB drive.

SECUDRIVE USB Specifications:

SECUDRIVE USB has the Trend Micro USB Security ™2.0 and the AES 256-bit crypto chip equipped in its system, giving the user a virus free USB flash drive even when connecting it to an infected PC. Trend Micro USB Security ™2.0 updates are free for one year of license.

OS Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2+(32bit and 64bit editions)
Interface USB 2.0 and 1.1
Power USB Bus Power
Capacity 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Size 60.6×18.0×8.1mm
Weight 10g
Operating Temperature 0~45

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