F-Secure is a global company with its HQ located in Helsinki, Finland. A pioneer in the security business, F-Secure was founded in 1988.Today, F-Secure operates in more than 100 countries. F-Secure has 18 branch offices and more than half of our employees are working outside Finland.

The F-Secure reputation of quality products and services is based on the development and research work done in Finland, France, and Malaysia. We are proud of the world-class systems we have developed for analyzing malware and distributing the signatures for millions of customers.

The F-Secure product portfolio includes solutions for consumers as well as businesses. All products contain the same protection core enhanced with features for specific customer needs. F-Secure has been a pioneer in Security as a Service, and we were among the first vendors to provide mobile security.

F-secure provides a wide range of products and services to protect your home and office environment.

The F-Secure Response Labs

At the F-Secure Response Labs in Helsinki, Finland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our security experts work around the clock to keep you protected from the latest online threats. When you subscribe to an F-Secure service such as Internet Security 2010, up-to-the-minute protection is included as standard: our Labs staff and their invaluable work make that possible.

Round-the-clock response work takes place in three shifts, one of which is handled in Helsinki, and two in Kuala Lumpur. At any given moment, F-Secure Response Labs staff is on top of the worldwide security situation, ensuring that sudden virus and malware outbreaks are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Protection around the clock>

Response Labs work is assisted by a host of automatic systems that track threat occurrences worldwide in real time, collecting and analyzing hundreds of thousands of data samples per day. The criminals who make use of viruses and malware to profit from these attacks are constantly at work on new threats: this demands vigilance around the clock, every single day of the year, ensuring that our customers are protected.

For more Information: www.f-secure.com